About Us

Unmanned Sensing Systems, LLC (US2) is a small, young company dedicated to bringing UAV and commercial drone technology to any industry with a need for aerial sensing and survey.

We believe commercial UAV technology will revolutionize remote sensing applications through quick, easy, and safe access to autonomous airborne vehicles.

The UAV industry as a whole is very new, and we are excited to part of such a young and fast-growing industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide custom, purpose-built UAV solutions to a variety of industry verticals, and adapt quickly to the needs of our customers. Our platforms can be quickly scaled and modified for any application, and we look forward to the challenge of developing UAV products for any mission.

Our Values

Safety Above All Else

The UAV industry is moving at such a rapid rate that regulators are having a tough time keeping up. In these uncertain times, consumer drones/UAVs are largely a free-for-all, with operators practicing varying levels of safety and preparedness.

Throughout our development, testing, and operational lifecycle, we place safety above all else – this means building in redundancies where possible, testing and operating away from populated areas, obtaining permission to fly over private areas where necessary, and generally being safe “citizens of the sky.”

We are actively involved in the UAV community and encourage our peers and partners to practice safe operation of UAVs, ensuring the livelihood of our industry for years to come.

Commerical-grade Innovation

As we innovate and develop solutions for a wide range of industries, we design for the challenges of each, building in strength and endurance  to keep you in the air as long as possible.

As UAVs become a regular-use piece of equipment for businesses to rely on, we recognize the need for products built to last.

An Open Mind

One of our favorite things to do is hear about the challenges facing the industries we serve, and develop new and ground-breaking solutions to address them.

We encourage you to challenge us to build solutions for your application, no matter how challenging.

Want to know more? Contact us with any questions you may have, or challenge us to come up with a solution for your application!


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