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Drone use for agriculture a growing field – Philadelphia Inquirer

Like a bird with its wings spread out to catch wind, the drone glides effortlessly over expansive farm fields, harvesting gigabytes of data while following a preplanned flight path.

Does the crop need fertilizer? Is it getting enough water? Are there signs of insect infestation? Is it time for pesticides and weed killers?

In a single day, information is collected by sensors, interpreted by computer programs, then provided to the grower through photos and color-keyed maps of the land.

The use of drones to give farmers a bird’s-eye view of crops and an assessment of their health is becoming a growing field attracting new businesses such as Unmanned Sensing Systems (US2) in Mount Laurel. The company now is … [Read more at]


New drone rules elicit turbulent response from some local pilots – / WHYY

In just the last few years, drones have become more popular than ever. The small-scale flying machines are cheaper, more compact, and easier to fly – which means a lot more of them zipping around the sky.

Drones are officially taking off.

“It’s immeasurably huge and it’s only getting bigger,” said Lavon Phillips, who runs a club for drone hobbyists out of his South Jersey makerspace.

“It’s certainly not going to slow down any time.”

SoHa SMART makerspace owner Lavon Phillips introduces his drone club to newcomers. (Bas Slabbers/for NewsWorks)

The Federal Aviation Administration – which [read more at]


How one N.J. company is using drones to revolutionize the agricultural industry –

It’s not a bird, or a plane — per say. It’s a drone, and Dan Murray, founder of Mount Laurel-based company Unmanned Sensing Systems said it’s going to change the agricultural business forever.

Murray’s fledgling company is one of the first in the state to gain federal approvals to operate drones commercially in all 50 states, after it was granted a Federal Aviation Administration exemption last month that allows him to use the unmanned aircraft to take aerial images.

The images — which use special sensors to capture more than just what meets the eyes — are able to show farmers … [read more at]

Drones take to the sky, legally, for a New Jersey-based aerial data collection company – sUAS News

MOUNT LAUREL, New Jersey – A New Jersey-based business has been granted a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exemption to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for the purpose of aerial imagery collection. Unmanned Sensing Systems LLC (US2), a Mount Laurel-based developer of UAV technology, will become one of the first companies in the state legally authorized to use drones commercially.

US2 was officially granted an FAA exemption on April 17, after successfully petitioning the FAA earlier this year. The … [read more at sUAS News]